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    Size 3 filled with cannabinoids that dissolves in water, the cannabinoids are first isolated from high quality flower buds and processed to become water soluble. The total capsule weight is 380 milligrams, and the capsule content may be removed and cut with a blade for an accurate dosage. It contains approximately 100 milligrams of water soluble cannabinoids, and has a consistency similar to that of silicone. Therefore, for better results to cut the desired amount of milligrams  more precisely maintain it under 77° Fahrenheit or 25° Celsius.

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    This product contains 99% cannabis oil extracted via sub-critical and super-critical CO2 process. The pocket vaporizers are made from healthy organic flowers buds, designed to be used without any odor or smoke emissions. Each cartridge has approximately 250 milligrams of cannabinoids and delivers about one milligram for every second inhaled.



Our water soluble oil found in the capsules is processed with natural organic elements similar to those in the human body. 

On the other hand, our vaporizer products only contain natural ingredients found in the marijuana flower bud, no solvents, no additives, no chemicals and no flavors.

Water Soluble

Our process to convert marijuana buds into oil with water soluble characteristics is currently unique. This product has achieved very positive results in California for over fourteen years by helping patients with a wide range of medical conditions. Currently hundreds of thousands of capsules have been produced over the years.


Products displayed on our page do not fall under ‘prohibited drugs” described under penal code prohibitions


Due to its water solubility this medicine reaches an extraordinary wide therapeutic spectrum. All the different oily compounds are isolated from the flower buds and have gaps between each other thanks to its water solubility. This way the body can absorb the active compound oils separately and the thin cannabinoids more effectively. This is mostly due to the active compounds having less density and therefore are less viscous. When all oil compounds thin and thick are combined without the water solubility, then the mixture’s viscosity is high and the efficiency is lost, this inhibits them to reach properly matching receptors.

The same is true too when we analyze the results from the sophisticated CO2 extraction that collects only low viscosity oils. Then when used, the healing starts at the brain’s most remote and evolved receptors, all this is due to the low viscosity and low density from active compounds when separated from the thick ones. Therefore, there are no heavy compounds with CO2 extraction. These characteristics lead to more effective therapeutic results.


About Us

All rights for the water soluble legal cannabis oil are reserved to The Healthy Choice property and these legal rights are entirely property to our company. Water Soluble Marijuana Oil is not a resin or a salt. It is a new and unique marijuana oil that is soluble in water which was discovered by The Healthy Choice.

It is Legal cannabis oil that does not dissolve in alcohols or solvents. Water soluble marijuana oil is not a synthetic oil. It is concentrated legal cannabis oil that looks like jelly and has water as its only solvent.

Our water soluble legal cannabis oil product has a different chemical characteristic than marijuana. It is a new application of science described as WATER SOLUBLE MARIJUANA OIL.

It is delivered in capsules with 50% marijuana oil which is soluble in water and can be pulled out of the capsule if the temperature is not higher than 84 degrees. All rights for this product are reserved purely to: The Healthy Choice, the first to achieve this advanced technique on the world.

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